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     As a break from the collapse of Western Civilization, here's a little humor. Guide Lions is a send-up of how literary pubs present themselves. Porterhouse - Jive is a parody of Vonnegut. The Escape Pod is about my father. Courageous Pulls Through is about a guy, a truck, and true love. A doggy bonus: Love and the Mountain Mutt.

     Dear Americans:

Please stop hating anyone about anything. Just stop. We are not victims or rulers. We are partners in democracy. Our future depends equally on great unity and great diversity. 

     In 2020, I examined American egotism through the lens of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now, the hatred only possible through extreme self-absorption is everywhere apparent again. So, again, here are the Ego Experiment essays: Collective Trouble and Individual Resolve

Just because: A Critique of Modern Storytelling.

Mountain Dog Whisperer at a tender age with Buff, his collie.
Jasper T. Fetchmeister at 14 -- one year after cancer surgery. With Mountain Dog Whisperer on the deck of their home.
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