As a break from the collapse of Western Civilization, here's a little humor. Guide Lions is a send-up of how literary pubs present themselves. Porterhouse - Jive is a parody of Vonnegut. The Escape Pod is about my father. Courageous Pulls Through is about a guy, a truck, and true love. A doggy bonus: Love and the Mountain Mutt.

     Why "Locuto (low-KEW-tow)?" I had proposed the name -- from the Latin

loqui, "to speak out" -- for a linguistics company in 2006. It was rejected, but seemed worth saving in a domain name. You too can have fun with wordplay.

     Last year, I examined American egotism through the lens of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now, the hatred only possible through extreme self-absorption is everywhere apparent again. So, again, here are the Ego Experiment essays: Collective Trouble and Individual Resolve

Just because: A Critique of Modern Storytelling.

Jasper T. Fetchmeister at 14 -- one year after cancer surgery. With Mountain Dog Whisperer on the deck of their home.
Mountain Dog Whisperer at a tender age with Buff, his collie.